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Organizational Change Management (OCM) Consultant

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Status: Contract F/T

Posted On: 11/30/2012



Edmonton, Alberta



6 months, January – June 30th, 2013

Our healthcare client requires an Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultant for Phase 2 of a Personal Health Portal Program. This multi-stakeholder portal will provide Albertans with personalization of their experience within the portal.


The OCM consultant will participate in all program change activities, focusing on the people side of change – including the creation and implementation of a change management strategy and plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement. The OCM Specialist will work to drive faster adoption, greater ultimate utilization and higher proficiency on the changes impacting employees in the organization such that business results are achieved. The OCM Specialist will align their methodology and activities to Transformation Support Services Centre of Practice.




The consultant’s general responsibilities include:

• Supporting the successful development and implementation of the PHP Phase 2 via stakeholder engagement and communications

• Identifying the impacts and supporting the business and clinician community in the required people and business process changes.


The consultant’s specific responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

• Provide leadership and change management expertise;

• Provide support (feedback, coaching etc.) to the change management analysts for all change management activities;

• Develop specific OCM deliverables such as Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement plans, Communication Plans, Awareness campaigns, impact assessments etc.;

• Plan and execute change management plan and produce associated deliverables;

• Act as key liaison between the project manager, business leads, clinical subject matter experts and other project team members;

• Work with business leaders/management and clinicians to build commitment to the changes and identify barriers and opportunities to successful implementation;

• Lead and support the business in developing and implementing the change management activities and deliverables;

• Identify and escalate implementation issues to the project manager and work with the project team to solve problem(s).



· Organizational Change Strategy

· Change Assessment

· Sponsorship Strategy

· Stakeholder Identification, Assessment & Analysis

· Current State Business Maturity and Readiness Assessment

· Engagement Strategy

· Communication Strategy & Plan

· Impact Assessment

· Role Map

· Rewards & Recognition

· Readiness Assessment One

· Super User Plan

· Downtime Procedures

· Device Workflow Assessment

· Lessons Learned Documentation




Technical Specifications:

· Ability to apply a structured organizational change management (OCM) approach and methodology

· Experience in writing learning material/content

· Can apply basic theories, concepts of Adult learning

· Ability to create measurement systems to track adoption, utilization and proficiency of individual changes


Functional Specifications:

· Complete training needs assessment

· Develop and execute on communication plan and training plan

· Develop training material

· Delivery of training (teaching)

· Identify Stakeholders and complete stakeholder analysis

· Develop a change management strategy based on a situational awareness of the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change

· Manage measurement systems to track adoption, utilization and proficiency of individual changes

· Conduct readiness assessments, evaluate results and present findings in a logical and easy to understand manner

· Complete high level change impact assessment

· Identify people risks and anticipate points of resistance and develop plans to mitigate or address the concerns

· Be an active and visible coach to leaders who are change sponsors and change agents (i.e. key stakeholders)

· Identify resistance and performance gaps and work to develop and implement corrective actions

· Identify and manage Super Users, Champions, and Change Agents

· Facilitate diverse groups to a decision or consensus


Operational Specifications:

· Effective Communicator (written and verbal)

· Facilitation and coordination experience in OCM and Learning project planning, execution, reporting, monitoring and evaluation

· A solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process

· Ability to relay or explain complex issues or deal with difficult situations

· Ability to think systematically and critically

· Negotiation and conflict resolution skills

· Problem solving skills and root cause identification skills

· Experience in managing teams, including demonstrated ability and comfort with decision making, coaching and mentoring

· The ability to inspire and build confidence in others

· Ability to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal

· Strong analytic and decision making abilities

· Ability to foster relationships and partnerships with internal and external stakeholders

· Experience and knowledge of OCM principles and methodologies

· Knowledge of OCM and Learning tools and templates

· Excellent active listening skills

· Healthcare knowledge and experience

· Familiar with project management approaches, tools and lifecycle

· Expertise in MS Office suite, including MS Project and Visio


Performance Specifications:

· Ability to execute on all deliverables

· Work independently with minimal direction

· Work with project team to integrate change management activities into the overall project plan

· Ability to manage multiple deliverables that have overlapping completion dates

· Lead and/or coach teams/team members


Other Specifications:

· Experience with large-scale organizational change effort

· Previous change management experience is a plus

· Change management professional designation is a plus


For more information, or to apply for this role, please contact Varsha Prashad at