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Senior Change Management Consultant

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Status: Contract F/T

Posted On: 01/07/2013


We are seeking a Senior Change Management Consultant to lead and support change management efforts related to implementation of Common Service Access In-Person sites for our Edmonton, Alberta-based government client. Specifically, the consultant will provide leadership and support to stakeholder engagement, workforce planning and training activities associated with the change. 


The Change Management Consultant will focus on helping people understand, accept and implement the new way of doing business – including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures. The primary focus will be creating and implementing change management plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement.


Responsibilities & Deliverables

·         A Change Management approach/model

·         A Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, including a revised stakeholder matrix.

·         Specific plans that identify potential people-side of risks, anticipated points of resistance, and mitigation plans to address the concerns.

·         A readiness and capacity assessment including the presentation of findings in a logical and easy-to-understand manner.

·         An approach to building capacity in Human Services to support the change.

·         An overarching risk assessment including an action plan with mitigating strategies.

·         An updated stakeholder analysis and relationship map for both internal and external audiences that will specify the impacts, risks and level of involvement of each stakeholder group.

·         A comprehensive stakeholder engagement approach and process (including tools and techniques) for the purpose of internal and external engagement that will build on awareness activities that have been completed to inform GoA management staff about the proposed integrated service delivery approach for social-based programming and provide a mechanism for feedback that is timely, meaningful, appropriate, transparent and effective for all parties involved.

·         Leadership and direction to the development and delivery of:

·         A Communications Strategy and Plan to support launch of the CSA In-Person sites that aligns with the over CSA Division Communications Strategy and Plan

·         An HR Strategy and Plan to support launch of CSA In-person Sites

·         A comprehensive Training Strategy and Plan and related tools to support launch of the CSA In-Person sites.

·         A review of current and proposed GoA engagement activities that may overlap with Alberta Supports and identify possible opportunities for collaboration.

·         Presentations on change management, engagement and other deliverables as requested.

·         Strategies and tools to support managers, supervisors and staff through any changes resulting from the implementation of Alberta Supports.

·         An evaluation method to gauge the success of implementing the Change Management and Engagement Strategy and subsequent work plans.

·         Reinforcement mechanisms and celebrations of success including a detailed plan of action outlining how to review, reflect and celebrate throughout the change management and engagement process.


Candidate Requirements


Minimum Experience Required

Knowledge of, or training in Queens University IRC Change Management or equivalent recognized Change Management Training


Demonstrated experience in a senior advisory position.

5 yrs

Demonstrated experience managing multiple projects in the areas of organizational development, change management and stakeholder engagement with emphasis in large complex service delivery environments.

5 yrs

Demonstrated skill in implementing change management, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications planning, tool development, and facilitation and presentation skills.

5 yrs


Minimum Experience Desired

Experience coaching individuals and/or executives in leading organization change. 


Experience in designing, organizing and facilitating change management projects and workshops

2 yrs

Proven ability to work as part of a team while maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholder levels including decision makers.

2 yrs

Experience leading and/or participating in the design and development of training plans and strategies

2 yrs

Experience and knowledge of the GoA

2 yrs

Change Management Professional designation


Confirmation of the ability to commence services in early February 2013.



If you are interested in learning more about the role, or applying, contact Puneeta Kaur at by Wednesday January 9, 2013.