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Technical Infrastructure Solutions Specialist

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Status: Contract F/T

Posted On: 05/02/2013



Are you a technical specialist with expertise in designing technical infrastructure solutions?


Do you have experience working with security, architecture, operations, business and privacy?


Are you looking for a long-term contract in Winnipeg, MB?


If so, read on!



We are seeking a Technical Infrastructure Solutions Specialist, for our Manitoba-based government healthcare client, to recommend, estimate and design technical infrastructure solutions. The successful candidate will work closely with security, architecture, operations, business and privacy to balance operational and information needs for systems and applications.


Activities & Deliverables

·         Understand user and system requirements by interacting with business analysts.

·         Understand conceptual, logical and physical architectures by interacting with architects.

·         Work with Architect, vendors and other project team members to engineer technical solutions.

·         Create product descriptions and assist the project manager to identify tasks, resources and effort related to the technology design.

·         Create detailed design documents, including single solution design documents for small projects, to multiple domain design documents for larger projects (security design, technical design, network design, integration design, information models, application design, etc).

·         Realize the architecture through the design of the solution components that meet the functional and quality of the service requirements.

·         Implement proof of concepts or pilots.

·         Establish cost estimates for designs.

·         Assist in producing procurement documents to order components (hardware, software).

·         Work with operations to build working solutions, especially development and test environments.

·         Assist in creating release management documentation (operations manual, service description, troubleshooting guides, service desk guides, etc)

·         Transfer knowledge to the operations and other technical teams.

·         Perform as-built reviews to ensure the production solution was build as per design.

·         Identify impacts on downstream systems of a multi-site implementation including working with project team members, analyze existing sites technology and determine any opportunities that the implementation of the solution could bring forward , while ensuring the recommendations satisfy the requirement(s)

·         Develop various test cases for the solution within the overall test strategy, including functional testing, availability and failover testing, load/performance testing, etc.

·         Assist in defining any changes required to external systems and interfaces


Candidate Requirements

·         3 years’ experience providing significant contributions to the development of enterprise solution designs across multiple business units, within healthcare, government or other complex sectors.  Please provide 2 examples.

·         5 years’ experience in a role of a senior team member designing solutions and technical infrastructures including the development and implementation of high availability or Disaster Recovery services patterns for multiple data center implementations of enterprise critical applications. Please provide 3 examples.

·         5 years’ experience in a role of a senior team member developing infrastructure designs for Microsoft and Citrix solutions including SQL Server 2005/8, VMWare, Windows 2008, XenApp 5 as well as SAN and SAN Virtualization solutions Please provide 3 examples.

·         5 years experience developing solution designs within a particular domain (e.g. application, technical, integration, security, and information) within healthcare, government or other complex sectors. Please provide 3 examples.

·         5 years experience working with a business analyst and architects to collect and understand functional and nonfunctional requirements from multiple stakeholders through interviews and workshops. Please provide 2 examples.

·         2 years experience analyzing interface, data conversion and reporting requirements.  Candidates should have demonstrable experience in a full project lifecycle analyzing these requirements. Please provide 2 examples

·         3 years experience assessing, designing and implementing clinical or health information systems that support delivery of health care within a healthcare facility environment. Please describe 2 experiences.

·         5 years experience with the ability to produce written material that is concise, grammatically correct, and structured to communicate the intended message with high efficacy. Please describe two projects where you have performed this work.


For more information about the role, or to apply, please contact Puneeta Kaur at before Monday May 6, 2013.